Navigating Media in Our Dangerous World

****This post contains content that may serve as a trigger for those who have faced traumatic experiences**** 

Within less than 2 months, Alberta's two biggest cities were rocked by horrific and senseless crimes - stabbing attacks of unprecedented severity. In February, a worker at an Edmonton supermarket warehouse is alleged to have attacked six of his coworkers, killing two of them. In April, the guest of a University house party in Calgary is alleged to have stabbed five young people to death. This past weekend, violence in St. Paul left a priest dead, police officers injured, and the alleged gunman killed as well. These crimes have devastated Albertans and left us collectively shaking our heads. What led up to these horrible events? How could they happen? Who could do such things? Could they happen again? One certainty following violence of this scale is the flood of media coverage that seeks to provide answers to questions such as these.

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