An Emphasis On The 'Progressive'?

Shortly after 6pm on March 19th, 2014, Alison Redford resigned as premier of Alberta. For many, this was no surprise. Over the last several months, Ms. Redford had become mired in controversy owing to her apparent penchant for high cost travel, her government's contempt for Albertan's tax dollars, and what was said to be a top down approach to managing a caucus increasingly characterized by pettiness and infighting.

I was left wondering where it all went wrong. What the hell happened to the assurance of an open, accountable government and this hopeful new leader who promised "an emphasis on the progressive"? Ms. Redford's party won the 2012 provincial election on a mandate that leaned heavily on social responsibility. Her pleas to teachers, healthcare workers, and educators and her promises to raise AISH payments, increase wages of front line care workers, raise child care subsidies, and reduce poverty all helped to hold off what was predicted to be a huge win for the Wildrose Alliance.

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